Our Services


We understands the interdisciplinary design approach that is essential for the development of Industrial in a wide range of geographies, and we bring a deep experience of site due diligence, sustainable infrastructure design, the challenging structural, mechanical, electrical and safety systems required for these complex to help our clients realise the most efficient and cost-effective facilities.

Investigative Engineering

Our knowledgeable team has exceptional problem-solving abilities and can respond to the needs of our clients, no matter the size of the problem or scope of work. Our services include, but not limited to: Building Condition Analysis, Building Audit/ Loss Analysis, Environmental Assessment Studies, Structural/ Mechanical Failures, Arson Investigation, Product Defects, Equipment Failures, Road Hazard Removal Studies, Accident Reconstruction, Risk Management Studies, Construction Claims, Arbitration Services.

Consulting Engineering

Our team specializes in architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and municipal engineering for all types of industrial projects. We assist you with the pre-planning, design work, permit process and construction review of each development which may include, but not limited to: Site Plans, Landscape Plans, Grading Plans, Site Servicing Plans, Storm Water Management Plans, Fire Safety Plans, Floor Plans, Building Elevations, Building Sections, Foundation Plans, Framing Elevations, Building Accessory Details, Heating and Air Conditioning Plans, Industrial Ventilation Plans, Plumbing and Sanitary Plans, Lighting and Power Plans, 3D Color Renderings, As-Built Drawings, Specifications.

Complex or Simple, Your Project Will Be A Success